Mission & Key Priorities

ASD's overall mission is to be a central intelligence hub for Aerospace, Defence and Security Industries, where in anticipation of  their needs, ASD contributes to shape EU legislation and policies as well as securing funding opportunities by advocating common positions towards European Institutions and International organisations for the benefit of European industries and in the collective interest of its members. 

The role of ASD is to:

  • Represent the European industry to promote its interests and to ensure high priority for this sector in European public policy, provide early warning on policy issues, assess impact, initiate and shape policy and develop common positions;

  • Offer a single point of contact between this industry sector and relevant stakeholders in the European institutions;

  • Facilitate the development of SMEs and the Equipment sector within a competitive supply chain;

  • Coordinate at the European level such services and activities as R&T, cooperative European initiatives, environment, standardisation, training/retraining, quality, airworthiness; assess human resource and skills as well as social impact, promote trade in coordination with National Associations, sponsor workshops/conferences initiatives;

  • Promote international cooperation, lead the dialogue with other International Associations and Organisations and represent the European Aerospace and Defence industry towards the industry of other countries/regions where a European common denominator exists.


ASD Key Priorities:


  • Continue to work closely with EU institutions and Air Transport stakeholders for the strategic role of manufacturing industry required in SESAR’s deployment phase, in governance and financing;

  • Aim to ensure the synchronisation and interoperability between SESAR and NextGen deployment.


  • Contribute to shape common industry positions on the main aspects affecting the defence sector as a fall-out from the budget crisis, concerning inter alia R&T investment budgets and conditions, demand harmonization and consolidation as well as the functioning of defence markets.


  • Promote more visible Security Research activities within Horizon 2020 (budget and programme consolidation);

  • Support creation of a meaningful Security Industrial Policy affecting the whole value chain;

  • Contribute to the EU Cyber Security Strategy


  • Ensuring the highest efficiency of Horizon 2020/Space, make sure that the content of the work programmes of the EC is defined through Space Strategic Research Agendas (SRA).

  • Promote quick implementation of the Space competence of the EU. Lobby for the sustainable deployment and operations of Space based infrastructures aiming at serving public policy objectives (like Galileo and Copernicus)

  • Lobby for a Europe-wide Space specific industrial and procurement policy which must aim at supporting the autonomy of Europe to conceive, develop, launch, operate and exploit space systems

  • Ensure the effective implementation of the five key recommendations stemming from the ESA-Industry high-level consultations

  • Support ESA in establishing a forum for continuing this Agency-Industry dialogue on a permanent basis to further improve the exchange of views and concerns

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Both a window on the European Union as well as a source of information for the Industries it represents, ASD gathers all data and resources of interest for its overall community.