ASD-STAN (Product standards and Technical Specifications), as an affiliated association of ASD, establishes, develops and maintains standards requested by the European Aerospace Industry. It is well recognized as the European Body for the development of global Aerospace standards by the International Aerospace Quality Group, IAQG.

Over the years ASD-STAN has established a lean and streamlined standardization process for European Aerospace standards. However, reducing the lead-time for the standards development process in accordance with industry needs remains a constant goal of ASD-STAN.

ASD-STAN is the recognized since 1987 as the sole provider for Aerospace standards to CEN and is its most active committee. We publish yearly 80-100 new "Preliminary European Norms and Technical Reports", prEN & TRs in addition to transforming 100-120 of prENs to European Norms (ENs).

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