Civil Aviation Business Unit


ASD acts as a central point for the development of common European manufacturing industry positions on policies and initiatives in the field of Civil Aviation.The Civil Aviation Business Unit strives to ensure that the development of policies, projects and regulatory initiatives support the sustainability of the European Civil Aviation industries, and it regularly submits recommendations to EU policy-makers and other key stakeholders.


The Chairman of the Civil Aviation Business Unit (CAB) is Mr Michel Wachenheim, Senior Adviser to the CEO of Airbus, and the two Vice Chairmen are Mr Simon Carlisle, Executive Vice-President Strategy & Future Programs at Rolls-Royce and Mr Carmine Orsi, New Programs and Resarch Director at Leonardo.

The Civil Aviation Business Unit currently comprises two Committees, covering Airworthiness and Air Traffic Management - and a sectoral group on General Aviation (ASD-EGAMA). There is also a reporting line from the Unmanned Aircraft System Working Group (UAS WG), for matters related to the insertion of Remotely Piloted Systems (RPAS) into the civil air traffic.

Committees ensure the daily interface with the EU institutions, key European and global stakeholders.  Their objective is to identify, review and develop a common understanding of specific policies at EU level which may affect, either in a constructive or detrimental way, the conduct of the represented businesses, at national or EU level. 

The activities of the Business Unit and its reporting groups involve a regular and close engagement with the European Commission, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Public-Private Partnerships such as the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) as well as national, European and international stakeholders, to foster an enhanced relationship between industry, policy-makers and authorities.


Airworthiness Committee (AWC)

Chairman: Gilles Garrouste, Deputy Vice President Certification at Dassault Aviation

The role of the ASD Airworthiness Committee is to be the main EASA, FAA and EDA European industry interface for technical and regulatory process issues in the domain of aviation safety for design, manufacturing and maintenance. The focus is on reducing the regulatory burden on industry whilst maintaining high levels of safety in its products and retaining the confidence of the regulators in its ability to do so. The Airworthiness Committee has reporting working groups specialising in Design Organisation Approval (DOA) (read more about the DOA's prEN 9259 standard), Production Organisation Approval (POA), Maintenance (MRO), Engine issues and Military Airworthiness.

Air Traffic Management Committee (ATMC)

Chairman: Luc Lallouette, SESAR Programme Director for the R&D phase at Thales. 

The ATM Committee analyses and protects specific industry’s interests towards the Single European Sky and on the future of the European Air Traffic Management System, on regulatory as well as on funding aspects, coordinating positions and maintaining close link with EU stakeholders such as the SESAR JU or Eurocontrol.

ASD - European General Aviation Manufacturers Association (ASD-EGAMA)

Chairman: Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of the DAHER-SOCATA Airplane Division

ASD-EGAMA (the European General Aviation Manufacturers Association) was founded in 2007 as a sectoral group of ASD (AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe) and now represents 14 European Rotorcraft, Business, Light aircraft and equipment manufacturers. It is the common forum for fostering coordinated industrial views on safety, environment, air traffic management and R&T related to GA (all flights other than military and scheduled airlines and cargos) towards the EU institutions. The overall ASD-EGAMA message is the need to have more proportionate rules, which will address the many specificities of a sector considered as an engine for the economy of the European Union.

Unmanned Aircraft System Working Group (UAS WG)

See the Defence Business Unit webpage: the working group reports functionally to the Civil Aviation Business Unit for matters related to the insertion of civil RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) into the Civil airspace.




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