How can we make our industry more sustainable? How can we continue to meet the ever-increasing mobility needs of our citizens, which result in a rapid growth in air traffic, while ensuring a high level of environmental protection?

This is a challenge that our members are ready to take up, through new engines, new fuels and new aircraft design.

ASD actively contributes to this effort through its Environment Commission, which is closely looking at this crucial issue in the current EU agenda.

The ASD Environment Commission is responsible for the formulation of the ASD environmental policy. Together with other ASD working bodies, it contributes to the promotion of the ASD position on environmental issues with respect to the European Union, or other institutions. It brings together representatives of National Associations and ASD Companies. The topics covered are mainly related to products (e.g. noise, emissions, and materials) with operational or industrial aspects.

ASD and its Environment Commission actively promote the interest of the European Aerospace industry by monitoring legislation from the three European institutions and by monitoring as well the international legislative developments with a close follow-up on ICAO's activities. The Environment Commission coordinates the environmental positions with its ICCAIA partners.

The involvement of the commission the REACH debate has been very active through the efforts of the REACH implementation working group. The working group has produced a comprehensive document "Main Concerns resulting from the implementation of REACH" to give sectoral relevance guidance, information and recommendations, reflecting the best knowledge available from experts in the field.

The REACH Working Group has also issued a Communication to the Aerospace Supply Chain concerning the Update on REACH Authorisation for Chromates (February 2016), an addendum to this update aiming to share the CTAC and CCST Applications for Authorisation status (March 2017),  a guidance document for ASD industries on the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (No. 528/2012) (January 2016) as well as ASD's concerns, observations and suggestions for the EDA to consider on the application of CLP regulation to ammunition (April 2016).

ASD Environment Commission

The Committee is Chaired by Mr Naresh Kumar, Chief Environmental Affairs Officer, Rolls-Royce and Vice-Chaired by Mr Francis Couillard, Vice President Environment Policies, Safran.



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