Supply Chain & SMEs

Top-tier manufacturers are the backbone of our industries: they design and build products which are essential in the aerospace supply chain.

The ASD Supply Chain & SMEs Commission provides a platform to debate and coordinate actions on matters of common interest e.g. supply chain, SME policies and initiatives.

It proposes appropriate representation for Equipment Companies and SMEs in other relevant ASD working bodies.

This Commission has been particularly scrutinising the effects of the changing business models of primes on the supply chain. The Supply Chain & SMEs Commission also pursued its analysis of the effects of the implementation of the Defence package of the European Commission in the defence sector.

The dialogue with stakeholders in the defence sector also includes representatives from the European Defence Agency. Besides an already well-established activity of information of exchange, the Supply Chain and SMEs Commission provides expertise for support of SMEs in the field of R&T programmes, clustering and partnering as well as for the EDA initiative of setting up guidelines for procurement.

ASD Supply Chain Commission 

The Chairman of the Commission is Mr Arndt Schoenemann from Liebherr Aerospace and the Vice chairman is Mr Andrzej Rybka, APAI.


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