Horizon 2020

To stabilise the financial and economic system while taking measures to create economic opportunities, the EU, under the lead of the European Commission, has developed a new financial programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020 (H2020), to strengthen the European science and technological base. H2020 has three main goals: responding to the economic crisisaddressing people’s concerns and strengthening the EUs global position.

ASD has played an active role in the preparation of H2020 to support and advocate for the members it represents. An ambitious research framework to address the current innovation gap in Europe is essential to economic growth in Europe.

Extensive efforts of ASD have been devoted to promote a common position at each phase of the legislative process by, among other, suggesting amendments and creating position papers. Research and Innovation is the area where Europe needs to be in the forefront to remain competitive, ensure growth and create jobs.

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Background Note

The EU faces a significant innovation gap in a number of key research and development (R&D) indicators and must improve its record, and notably in the use of scientific knowledge into patented processes and products. The Horizon 2020 (H2020) provides the main strategic framework for the EUs funding for research and innovation activities in Europe to strengthen the European science and technological base.

With an €80 billion budget for the period 2014-2020 the priorities for H2020 are;

  • Strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership and global position in science through investment in key technology;
  • Provide support to boost top-level research and improve excellence in the science base; and,
  • Help to address major societal challenges facing Europe such as climate change and demographical changes, and food and water, by addressing the gap between market and research.

The objective of H2020 is to enhance the contribution of EU-funding for creating sustainable growth and jobs.  This will realized by establishing coherent and consistent sets of instruments with full integration of the whole “innovation chain” from research to services. H2020 is therefore designed to increase industrial participation into research and innovation, and make Europe a more attractive place to invest in.

H2020 will reduce the complexity and simplify access to research and funding by streamlining the process and increase coherency of the rules. Accordingly, H2020 will have a single programme for all EU managed research and innovation funding, and have a single set of participation rules, together with a single information portal.

Overall, H2020 will broaden the approach to innovation by focusing on the market demand for innovation, such as increasing support for introducing new technologies to the market, development of specifications for new standards and supporting procurement of R&D services.

A new feature is the creation of a dedicated SME instrument designed to help Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to innovate and encourage their strong participation in R&D. In line with its overall simplification of procedures and rules, this H2020 will encourage highly innovative SMEs to develop, grow, and internationalise.

The programme is set to have its first launch of calls for proposals from January 2014.

Read More about Horizon 2020 on European Commission's webpage


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