ASD-CERT (Certification of Standard Aerospace Products), as an affiliated association of ASD, audits and qualifies the conformity of the production of standard products with the related standard technical specification. This is based upon EN 9133 "Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Parts" and the principles described in the ASD-CERT Quality Manual and in the ASD QC 24281 Quality Document. The resulting QPL "Qualified Product List" is published on the ASD-CERT webpage.

Pre-requisite for an ASD-CERT Product Qualification is a certified/registered QMS according to AS/EN/SJAC 9100 being in place at the supplier of the standard product. ASD-CERT Production Qualification Certificates are recognized by all major European Aerospace companies.

The ASD-CERT Product Qualification is performed by qualified personnel of the ASD-CERT members acting as "Mandated Bodies" on behalf of ASD-CERT. The Mandated Body witnesses the qualification testing performed by and at the applicant's manufacturing facilities or laboratories. Additionally the Mandated Body stamps and signs the "Manufacturing Route". 

The Mandated Body establishes a qualification testing summary report in English in addition to the original manufacturer test reports. As the ASD-CERT Executive Board has approved the report, the ASD-CERT Secretary General prepares the Product Qualification PQ Certificate, usually with a validity of three years.

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