Security Business Unit

We live in a world with increasing and stronger needs in security measures in either transportation means or solutions and infrastructures, citizens identification and protection.

ASD members are eager to provide secure, regulated technology products and advanced services to security experts.

The ASD Business Unit for Security builds up its activities in the security domain with the main objective of promoting and suBepporting the creation of a genuinely European Security systems and services market.

The first priority of the ASD Security Business Unit is to increase competitiveness and reduce Security Market fragmentation by:  

  • Securing opportunities from European sources of funds for security activities incl the framework programme for research and innovation and its successors; and to encourage closer links between the research programme and future commercial opportunities
  • Influencing the outcome and implementation of the initiative of an EU Security Industrial Policy, so as to enhance the coherence and competitiveness of the sector.
  • Ensuring that the current debate about military/civil capability leads to a useful outcome for our sector.
  • Campaigning for the protection of the industry from the risks arising from third party claims in the event of terrorist incidents.
  • Supporting the European commission initiative on certification and standardization of security technology.

ASD Security Business Unit

Chaired by Mr Andrea Biraghi, Leonardo, and Vice-Chaired by Mr Lars Järnbacker, SAAB, and Pierre Lahbabi, Safran Morpho.


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