4th EU Aeronautics Conference

Location: European Parliament, Brussels
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EU Aeronautics Conference 4.0



The annual EU Aeronautics Conference is initiated by the European Parliament’s Sky and Space Intergroup with the support of ASD Europe.

Gathering over 300 participants, including Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament, CEOs and experts, this conference provides a platform for an interdisciplinary debate, by engaging policymakers, the industry and the scientific community, and aims at leading to tangible conclusions that will inspire future political initiatives.

In its fourth edition, the Conference will discuss how European policies can further support this strategic sector at a time of fierce worldwide competition and of cutting-edge innovation, while ensuring jobs and economic growth as well as an efficient response to security and environmental challenges.



Session 1: Facing American and Chinese competition, why is a strong European Aeronautics industry needed?

The first session will address the issue of emerging competitors in third countries and how dedicated policies and agencies like the EASA, will equip the EU to better face global challenges, such as Brexit, and promote industrial innovation generating new sources of growth.

Session 2: How can Europe lead the way to sustainable and performance-based aviation?

The second session will discuss how encouraging research and technology in civil aviation can contribute to global and European environmental goals. Along with addressing the role of private-public partnerships, new innovative concepts such as, electrification/hybridization, additive manufacturing, and composite materials.

Session 3: Leading the Aeronautics industry into the digital age

This third session will explore how, in times of intense security threats, European policies can facilitate the development and commercialisation of new innovative concepts such as drones and Unmanned Traffic Management Systems (UTMS) while guarantying a safe and secure Digital European Sky.

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Amongst the speakers confirmed: 

  • ANTONIO TAJANI, President of the European Parliament

  • VIOLETA BULC, European Commissioner for Transport

  • ERIC TRAPPIER, Chairman & CEO of Dassault Aviation

  • MONIKA HOHLMEIER, MEP and President of the Sky & Space Intergroup

  • TOM ENDERS, CEO of Airbus 

  • WARREN EAST, CEO of Rolls-Royce

  • PATRICK KY; Executive Director of EASA



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