Explore how ASD works to champion the interests of our members on both European and global stages

ASD General Assembly

The General Assembly elects the Board, approves the budget and annual accounts, including establishment of subscription fees for the coming year, and has the powers granted to it by law and the ASD statutes. It is the highest statutory body of the association and is empowered to interpret the scope of the association's purpose. It gathers all ASD members, is chaired by the ASD President and takes decisions by 3/4 majority. Meetings are convened twice a year and members exercise weighted voting rights. All GA decisions are binding on all members.

ASD Board

The Board is in charge of the management of ASD. It sets the overall strategy and policies of the association, ensures that it achieves its objectives, establishes and maintains liaison with external bodies, as well as provides direction and guidance for the Secretary General who takes on the day-to-day management of ASD. The Board elects its Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson from among its members. The Chairperson is also the President of ASD.

ASD Board members

Working bodies

The day-to-day work of ASD is conducted within a frame­work of working bodies made up of around 800 experts from among the membership, and supported by the ASD Secretariat. Through these working bodies, we focus on promoting our members' interests at European and global levels.

ASD Working bodies

ASD Team

The ASD Brussels staff is a dynamic and experienced team dedicated to supporting our members and promoting the interest of our industry.

ASD Team