European Parliament Sky & Space Intergroup Discusses Innovation for Sustainable Aviation

  • May 2, 2016

March 2, 2016 - The AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) welcomes the initiative of the European Parliament’s Sky and Space Intergroup (SSI) to hold a high-level event highlighting the intrinsic link between sustainable aviation and innovation.

Mr Marian-Jean Marinescu, MEP and Vice-President of the Sky and Space Intergroup, reminded participants that aviation manufacturers have made significant efforts in the past fifty years to reduce the emissions and noise footprint of their products. Each new generation of aircraft reduces emissions by 15- 20%. “We need research and development in order to provide through aviation industry mobility and connectivity for growth and jobs”.

Ms Ayala Sender, MEP and Vice-President of the Sky and Space Intergroup, supported the idea that the European aeronautics industry’s success results from strong research programs, such as Clean Sky and ACARE. Continuation of this support is necessary to make it more sustainable and competitive. We need to make significant investments in new technologies to make it more sustainable and competitive.

Mr Ric Parker, Director for Research and Technology for Rolls-Royce Group, chairman of the Governance Board of CleanSky, while presenting CleanSky, one of the European flagship programs in R&D, outlined that replacing these programmes, going from grants to loans, would be devastating for our sector as they are “vital to deliver key technology and ensure that European aviation remains competitive on the global market”.

Mrs Nathalie Errard, SVP Head of Europe and NATO Affairs at Airbus Group restated how investments in R&D and innovation are crucial to ensure sustainable progress of the aviation sector. She emphasised that sustainability is not an option but a prerequisite for its continuing competitiveness. That is why industry and institutions must build together a comprehensive strategy to enable sustainable competitiveness. Speaking from Finmeccanica's perspective, Mr Luigi Lupoli, VP Business Development Manager for Cybersecurity Solution, highlighted how modernizing ATM is also key in supporting a sustainable aviation. New ATM technologies focusing on digitalisation and automatization have to be ensured. A high level of safety and resilience is an important challenge which needs to be addressed at a global level. Industry can have an important role to guide all the stakeholders to this process.

Mr Vincent De Vroey, Director for Civil Aviation at ASD, stressed that “aircraft developed to be sold on the global market need global environmental standards". ICAO provides the most efficient forum where Europe can drive global standards, as illustrated by the recent successful adoption of CO2 aircraft certification standards and the upcoming ICAO decision on a Global Market Based Measure.