External EU Policies

  • May 18, 2017

The EU has various external policies (Neighbourhood, Pre-Accession, Development, etc.) which are supported by financial instruments. The total budget of these instruments is unneglectable –  almost €100 billion under the current Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020.

Most of these external instruments include security budgets, which have traditionally been distributed via (para-) public institutions for training and technical assistance in partner countries. Given the deteriorating security situation in the EU’s wider neighbourhood, there is a growing recognition that this approach has been neither efficient nor sustainable. The recent capacity-building initiative is a first response, enabling the EU to fund also equipment for armed forces and security forces in partner countries.

It is of strategic interest to the EU to spend more and better on security in partner countries. This interest is shared by the European industry. In this sense, more coherent and transparent budgetary planning should be accompanied by a much greater focus on investment in equipment, services and infrastructures.

In this increasingly important policy area, ASD supports:

  • the strengthening of the security dimension in external EU policies;
  • the mainstreaming of the capacity building approach in the different funding instruments;
  • the establishment of a dedicated funding instrument for security in partner countries.
EU External Policies