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The European defence industry is a key pillar of the EU's strategic autonomy and security. It provides cutting-edge technologies, capabilities and jobs for millions of Europeans. It also contributes to the EU's role as a global actor and partner in defence and security matters.

What is technological sovereignty and why does it matter?

Technological sovereignty is the ability to have control over the technologies that are essential for the EU's defence and security. It means being able to develop, produce, use and export these technologies without relying on external actors or being exposed to disruption.

Technological sovereignty is important for the EU's strategic autonomy and resilience. It enables the EU to protect its interests and values, to respond to emerging threats and challenges, and to uphold its commitments to its allies and partners. It also supports the EU's competitiveness and innovation potential in the global market.

The EU has taken several steps to support the European defence industry and to enhance its technological sovereignty. Some of the key initiatives are the European Defence Fund (EDF), the EU framework for joint defence procurement, and EU initiatives on hybrid threats, military mobility and defence supply chains – aimed at strengthening the resilience and diversity of the defence supply chains.

ASD actively contributes the perspectives of the defence industry to the ongoing conversations at the European level. This aims to see that policy initiatives for enhancing defence production capacities align with the practical experiences of European companies throughout the entire value chain.

ASD also advocates for a well-structured and coordinated plan at the EU level to support an increase of European defence production capacities, especially in response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and its impact on the European security landscape.

ASD works closely with the European institutions, the European Defence Agency, the European External Action Service, and other relevant stakeholders to promote a coherent and ambitious European defence policy that benefits the industry, Europe, and its citizens.

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