Reuters: Give us Orders not Just Targets, Arms Firms Tell Europe

Following an ASD press event in Brussels on the occasion of publishing the 2023 edition of the Facts & Figures on the industry, where ASD was represented by the ASD President, Vice-Chair of the Board, and Secretary General Jan Pie, this Reuters article by Andrew Gray noted that European defence industry leaders were calling for firm orders to help them respond to pressure for increases in capacity to meet war demand in Ukraine and other security needs. The article quotes Micael Johansson, CEO of Sweden’s Saab and Vice-Chair of the ASD Board: “Ukraine has been a wake-up call for the European industry and many countries are spending a lot more on defence than we used to”… “We have to restart production of ammunition and weapons systems that we haven't done for a very long time and that requires a whole ecosystem ... which is really a challenge…"