Security Union

  • May 18, 2017

In light of recent terrorist attacks on EU territory, there has been a strong political push to better protect external borders, potential targets and improve cooperation between national authorities. This need led to the proposal of a EU Security Union, covering numerous initiatives related to the fight against terrorism, counter-radicalisation, the protection of critical infrastructures, etc.

As a step towards its realisation, in September 2016, Sir Julian King was appointed Commissioner for this newly created dossier. His role is to support the implementation of the European Agenda on Security and contribute to the achievement of an operational and effective Security Union.

In this line, ASD highlights the value of investing and deploying innovative information exchange systems between different security authorities at local, national and international level, to foster European autonomy and better protect potential targets.

Further ASD goals are to:

  • inform policy development, particularly regarding market access and the deployment of new technologies;
  • support the development and implementation of Critical Infrastructure Protection initiatives;
  • promote the establishment of European security labels and industrial standards.
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Benedikt Weingärtner
Policy Officer Defence & Security
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