Services activities aim at preparing, planning and providing the logistic and technical support to the products/systems and related operators throughout its life cycle, in other words, from early design phases until disposal.

The ASD Services Commission (SVC) promotes understanding and enables the development, deployment and management of standards for the support of service activities and new services concepts. This activity enhances the competitiveness of the European aerospace and defence services business through the optimisation of existing models as well as the promotion of future developments.

Standards ensure coordination between sectors, companies and projects. They bind the industry together, from primes to the smaller players in the supply-chain.  The Product Support & Specifications Group (PSSG) which operates under the leadership of the SVC is developing world-wide renown standards since 1987; hundreds of experts have participated to the development and continuous maintenance of the so-called ASD-S Series that, in some cases, has been supported by US organisations and has been also accepted as a NATO standard.

The SVC is chaired by Mr. Javier Rivera from Airbus and vice-chaired by Mr. Claudio Buccini from ISSEL NORD. Its members come from direct companies as well as national associations. It operates with four working groups involved with product support & specifications, strategic standardisation, new services solutions and training :

  • Product Support & Specifications Group (PSSG) 
  • Strategic Standards Group (SSG) -
  • Customer Support Services and Training Operational Group (CSSTOG)
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