S-Series suite

The S-series Specifications provide a comprehensive framework for managing the support and maintenance of systems throughout their life cycle, ensuring that they remain effective and reliable throughout their operational life

The S-Series Specifications of Integrated Product Support (IPS) are a set of guidelines developed by ASD, alongside our partners at Aerospace Industries Association in the US (and Airlines for America for S1000D) to ensure effective and efficient support for defence and civilian systems throughout their life cycle. These specifications provide a framework for implementing IPS across the entire system life cycle, from requirements development to disposal.

The S-Series specifications cover a range of topics related to IPS, including logistics, maintenance planning, supply-chain management, training and technical data, reliability and maintainability, and sustainment. They provide guidance on how to effectively manage and support complex systems, with an emphasis on maximizing system availability and readiness while reducing life cycle costs.

The S-Series suite consists of the following specifications, which you can download for free:

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