Protecting critical infrastructure

Safeguarding Europe’s vital lifelines

At the heart of our society lie critical infrastructures that ensure our well-being and the functioning of our daily lives. These include energy, transportation, telecommunications, water supply, healthcare, finance, and government operations.

A disruption in one sector can cascade into others. For example, a cyberattack on a power grid can disrupt not only the energy supply but also transportation, communication networks, and other dependent systems. 

Threats against critical infrastructures can arise from organised crime, terrorists, or hostile states, aiming to disrupt services, steal sensitive information, or cause physical damage. To counter such evolving threats, state-of-the-art tools and technologies are needed. This is where the European defence and security industry excels.

Our industry, representing over 4,000 companies across 19 countries, has the expertise to develop, produce, and maintain cutting-edge solutions. It invests in technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, which are vital for identifying and countering emerging threats. 

In the face of evolving threats to our critical infrastructures, the European defence and security industry stands as a bastion of innovation. Together, we safeguard the foundations of our society, ensuring a resilient and secure future for all.

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