About us

ASD represents the Civil Aviation, Space, Security and Defence industries in Europe. These industries, in turn, generate a turnover of 199.4 billion euro, invest over 20 billion euro in R&D, employ close to 795,000 people and encompass over 3,000 companies.

The essence of the Association is to provide a single platform for the development of joint positions for the industries it represent. Adept at spreading the word regarding new policies and possible legislative development,ASD raises awareness and promotes the values and positions of its members to all EU institutions.

Regarded as a committed partner to EU policy makers and in facilitating dialogue, ASD interacts daily with EU institutions, international organizations, a host of stakeholders and the international media.

Located in the heart of Brussels, ASD's membership today is composed of 14 major European Aerospace and defence companies and 26 national associations in 19 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK.

Civil Aviation, space, defence and security are crucial sectors for our continent. They strongly contribute to the attainment of many of Europe’s key socio-economic goals, by ensuring sustainable mobility, by providing highly- skilled jobs, and by fostering Europe’s knowledge economy through massive R&D investments. Thanks to their dynamism and innovative strength, our industries help Europe achieve and maintain technological excellence


Europe’s aerospace industry has done a lot to reduce its environmental impact: an aircraft today produces 70 per cent less CO2 than its equivalent 50 years ago and is 75 per cent quieter than 30 years ago. But much more remains to be done, and we are currently exploring all possible areas of improvement, including aerodynamics, advanced materials, engines and alternative fuels.


Europe’s space industry also plays a crucial role in several key areas, from telecommunications and broadcast to the environment, agriculture, security and disaster management. We are fully committed to helping Europe develop fully-fledged, autonomous capabilities in domains as crucial as earth observation (GMES) or global navigation (Galileo).


In this area our industries give Europe the means to play an important role on the world stage, and to protect its citizens from global threats. They provide the EU and its Member States with the capabilities they need to lead stabilising and peace-keeping missions in the world’s most troubled areas. They contribute to ensuring the security of Europe’s citizens, by developing the technologies and tools required for the efficient control of EU borders, for the protection of critical infrastructures and for the smooth running of civil protection missions.


Both a window on the European Union as well as a source of information for the Industries it represents, ASD gathers all data and resources of interest for its overall community.