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Four industries, one industrial ecosystem

As European companies specialising in aerospace, security, and defence, we form an industry that connects and protects. We create the products that enable global mobility; and develop and supply the equipment that safeguards against internal and external threats.

Seemingly different things – an airplane, a submarine, and a satellite – are intricately connected, representing the work of a single industrial ecosystem. Moreover, technological innovations in one area often prove to be beneficial for another one.

In concrete terms, the management of air traffic for example relies very much on space applications. And modern armed forces can only operate effectively with a seamless interaction of their equipment across air, land, sea, cyber and space.

Our products are not just interconnected operationally and technologically; they’re driven by a shared commitment – building a sustainable and safe Europe.

Key industry data 2022

  • 46,000

    New jobs in 2022

  • 921,000

    Direct employees

  • 3.5 m

    Total employment supported

  • 9.8 %

    Turnover growth in 2022

Many of the cooperative pro­jects, innovations and next generation technologies and capabilities underway in the European aerospace and defence industrial ecosystem … will help drive scientific and technological progress and secure continued leadership for Europe as a whole.

Guillaume Faury, ASD President

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