With their highly skilled and dynamic workforce, comprehensive research and development programmes, and strong emphasis on innovative technology, the Aerospace and Defence industries play a pivotal role in the EU economy.

As such, it is essential to encourage a sustained and productive dialogue with industrial stakeholders and policy makers in these key sectors. The Intergroup serves as a forum where expertise can be shared and legislative work can be advanced on specific topics.

The Sky and Space Intergroup is an informal network of Members of the European Parliament, cross-party and cross-nationality, who recognize the critical importance of aviation and space technologies which impact the life of Europe’s citizens and its economy.

The approval of the Sky and Space intergroup represents an important signal to citizens that MEPs are serious about addressing spatial and aviation issues in the EU.

The European Aerospace sector is a vital part of the EU economy.  Dynamic and innovative, it is a world leader in advanced engineering, in civil air transport and in defence and space technology, delivering numerous economic, environmental and social benefits for Europe.

  • In Europe, the aerospace sector generates a turnover of € 150 billion, employs over half a million highly-skilled professionals and supports a similar number of indirect jobs.
  • It is a major contributor to the EU trade balance: around three-quarters of Europe’s civil aviation output is exported outside of the EU.
  • It is one of the most R&D intensive sectors in Europe, dedicating more than 12% of its turnover to research and development: 16% of its employees work in R&D, often in close partnership with universities and research centres.


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