Connecting people

Where distance is no barrier

Every day, the aerospace industry sets in motion countless personal stories, weaving a tapestry of global connections. An amazing 12.5 million passengers travelled by air each day in 2023, each with a unique tale.

The speed of modern civil aircraft is not just a technological marvel; it has redefined our sense of time and space. Flying at speeds of 950km/h, we can travel across continents in mere hours, turning what once took days into a seamless journey. This not only fosters personal connections but propels all kinds of cooperation, such as research, studying and business creating opportunities.

The numbers tell the story

  • 128,000

    worldwide passenger flights every day

  • 12.5 million

    passengers every day

  • 950 km/h

    cruising speed of modern passenger jet

  • 130 years

    since the aircraft industry was launched

Behind this success story lies an industry with a mission rooted in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Over the past 130 years, the aerospace industry has evolved from a dream to an indispensable reality for millions globally – connecting people, fostering relationships, and shaping a world where distance is no longer a barrier but a bridge to shared experiences and collective progress.

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