Future-facing careers

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The aerospace, security and defence industry is where extraordinary careers intersect with cutting-edge technologies. The industry offers dynamic and rewarding technical careers that directly impact society.

Future-facing careers in the European aerospace, security and defence industry are not only rewarding for the individuals, but also beneficial for society. The industry employs nearly a million people directly, and supports more than three times as many jobs that are created or influenced by its activities indirectly. The industry also pays well above the average wage – direct employees within the industry are generally highly skilled and well compensated, with an average income in 2021 of €56,000. This is 43% higher than the average wage across Europe, reflecting the high skills and technical expertise required for these roles.

Our industry is vital for Europe’s future. Technologies developed in our industry benefit other sectors, boosting Europe’s economy and creating high-quality jobs. Our solutions also make Europe smarter, safer, and stronger.

Key industry data 2022

  • 46,000

    New jobs in 2022

  • 921,000

    Direct employees

  • 3.5 m

    Total employment supported

  • 9.8 %

    Turnover growth in 2022

Want to work in the aerospace, security and defence industry?

Whether you are interested in designing, building, testing, or operating aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles, radars, sensors, cyber systems, or other complex systems, you will find a huge range of opportunities to apply your skills and creativity in the aerospace, security and defence industry.

You will also be part of a diverse and inclusive community of professionals who share a passion for innovation and excellence, and who contribute to the economic and social development of their countries and regions.

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