The ASD Statutory Bodies are the General Assembly (joint meetings of all Members of ASD), and the Board (composed by the CEOs and Chairmen of Company and National Members). The General Assembly decides on the general policy of the Association and the Board is responsible for management of the Association. Find out more under Governance.

ASD works closely together with its members in four Business Units (Civil Aviation, Space, Security and Defence) that are sector focused and six Commissions (ELT, R&T, Environment, Services, Supply Chain & SMEs and External Affairs) that address cross-functional areas.

Strategically located in the heart of Brussels, the ASD Team of the association is responsible for major items of policy work, create and maintain close links with the European Institutions and international organisations.

ASD's affiliated associations  ASD-CERT and ASD–STAN, together with EAQG, form the quality-related services of ASD. The purpose of these services is to contribute to improvements in quality and to reduction in costs throughout the value stream by maintaining cooperation between European Aerospace Companies in business areas.

Working Bodies

All of ASD Working Bodies regularly gather industry representatives to pool their expertise to devise common solutions for the industry, and to provide advice to officials and authorities dealing with the industry.

The objective of the ASD Business Units and Commissions is to identify policy issues to be pursued at European and Member State level and to propose strategies to maximise the benefits for the ASD industry.

The Business Units and the Commissions are supported by several Committees and Working Groups. The Committees and Working Groups are either permanent or ad-hoc and focus on particular issues as their names suggest. They discuss the detailed topics, draft position papers and issue recommendations to the industry and other stakeholders. The Sectoral Groups deal with the more focused sector interests and their work is also used as a basis for the work in all Commissions and Business Units. 



Both a window on the European Union as well as a source of information for the Industries it represents, ASD gathers all data and resources of interest for its overall community.