Our Working bodies

The day-to-day work of ASD is conducted within a framework of working bodies made up of around 800 experts from among the membership, and supported by the ASD Secretariat

We focus on promoting our members' interests at European and global levels, through a framework of working bodies made up of experts from the membership, supported by staff of the ASD Secretariat. Strategically located in the heart of Brussels, the ASD team is responsible for major items of policy work, and maintaining close links with the European institutions and international organisations.

ASD works closely together with its members in three sector-focused business units (civil aviation, defence, security), that represent the highest decisional working groups for their respective sectors. The space sector is constituted by Eurospace, working in close cooperation with ASD. In addition, four commissions (Environment; Economic Legal & Trade; Services; and External Affairs) support the work of the business units in areas of transversal nature.

Business units and transversal commissions develop strategies and define objectives. They are supported by several committees and working groups. These supporting groups are either permanent or ad-hoc and focus on particular issues. They discuss the topics, draft position papers and make recommendations to EU bodies and other stakeholders.