Air traffic management

Navigating efficiently and safely

Air traffic management plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and smoothness of air travel. And a more efficient and digitalised air traffic management can significantly contribute to making aviation more eco-friendly.

At the European level, ASD serves as a key point of contact on air traffic management for institutions and agencies such as EASA and Eurocontrol. This is achieved through our dedicated Air Traffic Management Committee. Additionally, ASD participates actively in the Single European Sky ATM Research 3 Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3 JU).

On the global stage, ASD advocates for the interests of European aeronautics manufacturers at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) through the International Organisation for Aerospace Industry Associations (ICCAIA).

Air traffic management is a cornerstone of modern and safe aviation. At the same time, it has a true game-changer potential on our path towards climate-neutral air transport by 2050.

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