Integrated Product Support

Explore our commitment to cost-effective and safe product support. Learn about our holistic approach through IPS excellence standards and training.

At ASD, we are committed to supporting the European aerospace and defence industry. One of the ways we do this is by developing and promoting the concept of Integrated Product Support (IPS).

IPS is an approach to managing the lifecycle of a product, from its design and development through its use and disposal. The goal of IPS is to ensure that the product is supported throughout its lifecycle in a cost-effective, safe and efficient manner.

ASD’s activities relating to Integrated Product Support include

Developing standards & guidelines

ASD has developed a number of standards (S-Series) and guidelines related to IPS. These documents provide guidance on how to implement IPS practices in a consistent and effective manner. 

Training & education

ASD is developing training and guidance documents as well as checklists for implementation of IPS solutions to help individuals and organisations learn about IPS and how to implement it in their operations. These guidance documents are designed to meet the needs of different stakeholders, including engineers, project managers, and procurement professionals. 

Advocacy & outreach

ASD has been involved in advocating for the adoption of S-Series suite of IPS specifications among its members, Ministries of Defence of countries with ASD representation and NATO, as well as in the wider aerospace and defence industries not represented by ASD. This includes promoting the benefits of S-series specifications, sharing best practices, and raising awareness of the importance of IPS in ensuring product reliability, safety, and sustainability