Safeguarding Europe

In addressing the multifaceted challenges of today, from countering terrorism, radicalism, and organised crime, to thwarting cyberattacks and responding to disasters, the security industry plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our shared future.

Recognising that the aftermath of physical or cyberattacks can be devastating, our industry understands that security has a vital role in European citizens' lives.

Harnessing our industry’s expertise, we develop groundbreaking technology and work closely with decision-makers and practitioners to address the intricacies of modern security challenges. While technology alone cannot guarantee security, it serves as a crucial enabler to fostering a more secure society. Our industry is proud to contribute to building a safer, more resilient, and secure Europe.

Value to society

Explore the diverse and significant contributions our industry makes to society, showcasing the far-reaching impact of our work.

ASD initiatives

Key focus areas for our daily work as the voice for the security industry in Europe.

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