Civil Aviation

Connecting people

Flying connects people across borders and continents, and is a cornerstone of our global economy, especially for time-sensitive goods and lifesaving medical supplies.

Carrying people by air is a significant responsibility. Thanks to ever more sophisticated aircraft, technology and control systems, the airplane is statistically the safest means of transport. And the European aeronautics industry is a global leader in developing safer air travel.

The aerospace industry is actively addressing environmental concerns around aviation. Our European members lead the way in developing efficient aircraft and systems aimed at minimising carbon emissions. In fact, each new generation of aircraft is up to 20% more fuel efficient than the previous one. This has led to today’s modern aircraft producing 80% less CO2 per seat than the first jets in the 1950s. 

Key data Civil Aviation 2022

  • 98.3 bn


  • 11.1 %

    Growth in turnover

  • 114 bn

    Turnover in 2022

  • 348,000

    Employees in 2022

Value to society

Explore the diverse and significant contributions our industry makes to society, showcasing the far-reaching impact of our work.

ASD initiatives

Key focus areas for our daily work as the voice for the civil aviation sector in Europe

Strategic objectives

For the European civil aviation sector, ASD advocates for the following strategic objectives:
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