Cyber security for civil aviation

Securing our skies

Cyber security is essential for civil aviation. As air transport becomes more digital and connected, it also becomes more exposed to cyber threats that could compromise safety, security, and efficiency. Hackers could target aircraft systems, air traffic control, airports, or airlines, with potentially devastating consequences for passengers, crew, and the environment.

To prevent and respond to these risks, the European aeronautics industry is constantly developing and implementing innovative solutions that ensure the highest level of cyber security for its products and services.

ASD, the voice of the European aeronautics industry, has set up a Civil Aviation Cyber Security Working Group to coordinate the industry’s position and actions on this topic. The Working Group also engages with relevant stakeholders at the European and global level, such as the European Commission, EASA, EUROCONTROL, ICAO, and NATO, to foster a common understanding and approach to the crucial issue of cyber security in civil aviation.

ASD Papers

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