Standards & Specifications

Find out why standards matter and how ASD leads in their development.

With 4,000 aerospace, security and defence members across 19 countries, ASD plays a crucial role in shaping the standards and specifications that define our industry.

ASD collaborates with industry experts, regulators, and stakeholders to develop and update standards that ensure the quality, safety, and performance of products and operations that we rely on every day.

Why standards and specifications matter

Standards are the backbone of quality, safety, and performance in the aerospace and defence sector. They define the requirements and specifications for products, services, and processes, ensuring interoperability and compatibility of different components within the value chain.

ASD's role in standardisation

  • ASD develops standards in the field of aviation safety (Safety Management System), Simplified Technical English, and Integrated Product Support.
  • ASD provides guidance and direction to stakeholders on standard development in our industry. As such we sit on the boards of standard development organisations – ASD-STAN and EUROCAE.

What are the benefits of standardisation?

What are the benefits of standardisation?

S1000D & IPS User Forum 2024

Join us in Brussels, Belgium from 23 September to 26 September 2024 for the most significant event in the realm of Integrated Product Support (IPS), S1000D and the rest of the S-Series specifications. At the 2024 S1000D & IPS User Forum, we're bringing together industry leaders, solution providers, and practitioners from across the globe

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