In 2022, the European space industry witnessed notable employment growth, although it experienced fluctuating revenue levels. Nevertheless, the sector continues to uphold its leading position in the global space industry, even as concerns emerge regarding contributions from institutional bodies.

The European space manufacturing industry is a strategic sector, essential for the implementation of many public policies, and supporting all economic sectors. It is embedded in the wider European aerospace and defence industrial complex.

Cosmo Satellite

Space industry figures for 2022

  • 12.4 bn

    Space sector turnover

    4% growth year-on-year

  • 57,000

    Full-time employees in space sector

    8% growth year-on-year

  • 96

    Spacecraft delivered to the launch pad

    compared to 80 in 2021.

  • 80 %

    European customers as a percentage of total sales

The need for sovereignty

In 2022, space systems exports represented $10bn in the spacecraft segment, and $6bn in the launcher segment, generating a net surplus to the European trade balance worth $900 million every year in the past decade. This positive impact would be much higher if Europe was not the first destination for US satellite exports. Space systems imports not only reduce the positive impact of our exports on the trade balance, but they also diminish the local business opportunities for European space systems suppliers.

In recent years, the European space industry regained pre-Covid revenue levels and confirmed itself as a solid job provider.

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