Climate neutral aviation

Net zero emissions by 2050

The European aviation industry is facing a major challenge: how to reduce its environmental impact and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This is why the industry has joined forces to develop a comprehensive roadmap for a sustainable future: Destination 2050 - A Route to Net Zero European Aviation. 

Uniting against climate change

Explore how the European civil aviation industry is taking decisive action against climate change, aligning with global goals and committed to net-zero emissions by 2050
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Sustainable aircraft fuel

A combination of reductions in four key areas could result in climate neutral aviation by 2050

  • -37 %

    Improvements in aircraft and engine technologies

  • -34 %

    Using sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs)

  • -8 %

    Implementing economic measures

  • -6 %

    Improvements in air traffic management (ATM) and aircraft operations

ASD initiatives

ASD is at the forefront of driving sustainability in the aviation sector in Europe, actively contributing to various initiatives and global environmental efforts

ASD Papers

Explore a range of ASD papers on issues relating to promoting climate neutral aviation

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