Beyond CO2 emissions

ASD's commitment extends beyond CO2 emissions to addressing the broader issue of aviation's non-CO2 effects on climate change.

In the pursuit of a net-zero CO2 emissions aviation ecosystem in Europe by 2050, ASD is committed to the reductions in CO2 emissions outlined in Destination 2050. However, ASD also emphasises the importance of addressing non-CO2 emissions and their role in global warming.

Recognising the diversity of these non-CO2 emissions, including nitrogen oxides, water vapor, and particulate matter, ASD members are actively engaged in scientific research, supporting projects that explore factors including contrail-cirrus effects, NOx emissions, and environmental trade-offs. By working collaboratively, the industry is developing practical solutions to address non-CO2 emissions, which encompass innovations in fuel composition, engine technology, and flight operations.

Non-CO2 Emissions from Aviation

Explore the European civil aviation industry’s strategies to curb non-CO2 emissions. From fuel innovations to eco-friendly operations, discover the industry's roadmap to a sustainable and net-zero future.
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Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs)

ASD’s members are a driving force in the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) in aviation
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