Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs)

ASD’s members are a driving force in the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) in aviation

ASD’s members are a driving force in the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs). SAF are fuels that are made from renewable sources, such as biomass, waste, or synthetic processes, and have lower carbon intensity than conventional jet fuel. ASD advocates for a European framework that promotes the use and production of SAFs, and supports the adoption of the RefuelEU Aviation regulation.

ReFuelEU Aviation is a new EU regulation that aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from aviation by promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuels.  ReFuelEU Aviation will mean that aviation fuel suppliers will blend a minimum percentage of SAF with jet fuel, starting from 2% in 2025 and increasing to 70% in 2050. This way, the aviation sector can gradually switch to cleaner fuels and contribute to the EU's climate goals.

ReFuelEU Aviation also encourages airports to provide infrastructure for alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen or electricity, for future aircraft. And, ReFuelEU Aviation introduces a label system that will inform passengers about the environmental impact of their flights and the amount of SAF used. ReFuelEU Aviation is part of the EU's Green Deal initiative and the “Fit for 55” package, which aim to make the EU climate neutral by 2050.

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