ASD Paper on Horizon Europe Strategic Plan Towards FP10

Explore ASD's strategic vision for Europe's aeronautics sector in the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan towards FP10, the European research and innovation that will run to 2034.

The aeronautics sector, a key driver of innovation and sustainability in Europe, contributes significantly to the continent's economic strength and technological leadership. ASD, representing over 4,000 companies emphasises the importance of continued public funding for research and development (R&D) to address emerging challenges and maintain global competitiveness.

The aeronautics sector, generating 108 billion euros in turnover and employing over 389,000 people, is crucial for Europe's technological sovereignty. ASD promotes collaboration across the value chain, fostering partnerships from research centres to SMEs and major companies.

Aligned with Destination 2050, the European aeronautics sector aims for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, supporting the EU Green Deal and international agreements. The success relies on a four-pillar approach, including new aircraft and engine technology, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, ATM & operations, and smart economic measures.

ASD recommendations

  • ASD's recommendations for Framework Programme 10 (FP10) prioritise ensuring sufficient public funding for Clean Aviation and SESAR partnerships. Key research streams include highly efficient aircraft propulsion, noise and non-CO2 emission reduction, second-generation electric technologies, innovative infrastructures, sustainable materials, and digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence.
  • ASD emphasises the role of industry in co-creation processes, the need for adequate funding for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the importance of maintaining partnerships. The position paper calls for industry-compatible terms and conditions, simplified processes, and an increased budget for FP10 to meet ambitious environmental goals.
  • ASD recommends creating an effective framework for cooperation and synergies with industrial alliances, the European Defence Fund, EU ETS Innovation Fund, and research and test infrastructures. This aims to accelerate the market uptake of innovative solutions.

ASD Paper on Horizon Europe Strategic Plan Towards FP10

Download ASD's paper on ASD Paper on Horizon Europe Strategic Plan Towards FP10. Published by ASD in May 2023.