Net Zero Industry Act 2023

Discover the European Commission's groundbreaking Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) and how it's set to drive green innovation. Explore key objectives, technology inclusions, aviation decarbonisation, and industry collaboration in this overview from ASD.

In March 2023, the European Commission introduced the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA), a pivotal step toward the EU's decarbonisation objectives. The Aerospace, Security, and Defence Industries Association (ASD), representing over 4,000 companies, welcomed this initiative. The NZIA is designed to promote innovation and expand net-zero technologies, crucial for a sustainable future.

The NZIA includes a range of net-zero technologies, from renewables to carbon capture, essential for decarbonisation across sectors. The Act's focus on skills development and collaboration with the industry is welcomed. However, ASD regrets the exclusion of critical technologies like sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), which are vital for aviation decarbonisation.

Net Zero Industry Act: ASD's Recommendations

  • Prioritise key technologies: ASD emphasises prioritising SAF and carbon capture to accelerate production growth.
  • Energy independence: to maintain sovereignty, Europe should invest in its own production capacity for key technologies.
  • Skills development: ASD supports the focus on skills and suggests Net-Zero Industry Academies be open to all ecosystems involved in the Pact for Skills.
  • Industry collaboration: collaboration with the industry and alignment with regulatory initiatives are essential for the NZIA's success. Investment incentives and common criteria for defining strategic net-zero technologies are recommended.

ASD Net Zero Industry Act 2023

Download ASD's comments and recommendations on the Net Zero Industry Act. Published by ASD in May 2023.