Principles for an EU Cyber Technology Roadmap

Discover ASD's recommendations for the EU Cyber Technology Roadmap, advocating for diverse approaches, criticality based on strategic importance, and industry involvement.

ASD outlines high-level principles crucial for shaping the EU Cyber Technology Roadmap, emphasising the necessity to identify and act on critical technologies for cyber security to reduce the EU's technological dependencies.

ASD advocates for a comprehensive approach covering various cyber technologies across the entire value chain, including hardware and software applications. The EU should consider different segments, such as defence, civilian, C4ISR, IT networks, and more, recognising the unique characteristics and challenges in each.

The definition of critical technology should be based on its contribution to strategically important capabilities and the level of European control over its supply chain. A technology is considered critical if it makes a decisive contribution to securing strategically important digital environments, and the current level of European control is deemed inappropriate.

Different technologies may require varying levels/forms of European control. Some may necessitate redevelopment in Europe, while others may accept third-country origin under specific conditions.

ASD emphasises the crucial role of the European defence and security industry. The industry’s deep knowledge of value chains and product functionalities makes it essential for successful execution of cyber defence strategy.

ASD recommendations

  • Consider diverse approaches for different cyber technologies.
  • Define critical technologies based on strategic importance and European control.
  • Tailor European control levels/forms based on technology specifics.
  • Involve the defence and security industry in roadmap development.
  • Ensure coordination and synergy between civilian and military cyber objectives.

ASD stands ready to support the EU in identifying critical technologies for cyber defence and cyber security.

Jan Pie, ASD Secretary General

Principles for an EU Cyber Technology Roadmap

Download ASD's recommendations for the EU Cyber Technology Roadmap. Published by ASD in October 2023.