Facts & Figures 2022

The European aerospace and defence industry demonstrated its resilience, with a strong rebound after the huge disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the European aeronautics sector was hit by Covid-19, the worst crisis in its history, with severe consequences also for the defence and space sector. All of our industries had to cope with enormous difficulties in their manufacturing processes and sudden supply chains ruptures.
2020 was a year to prove the resilience of the industry and its capacity to adapt even to the most challenging and unexpected scenarios. Thanks to a determined and responsive leadership, some difficult, but necessary measures, and most importantly the commitment and passion of the women and men working for our members all over Europe, our companies have dealt with the crisis in an impressive way.

Looking ahead, the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is not the only challenge of our industries. Climate change is here and we can witness almost every day its devastating impacts. It will only get worse unless we transform today’s society into something much more sustainable.
The European aeronautics industry is fully committed to contribute to a carbon-neutral aviation in Europe by 2050, as laid down in the Destination 2050 report. Some key components such as electric, hybrid and hydrogen aircraft make huge progress, also thanks to the continuous research and development efforts of our companies.

Sustainability is at the same time a dimension that has become more and more essential also for the defence industry. There is an intrinsic link between sustainability, security and defence: Defence is a crucial component of security, and security constitutes the prerequisite for peace and sustainability.
This fundamental aspect should not be neglected in the discussion on sustainable finance.
Our industries are and will remain of strategic importance for Europe and the political, strategic, environmental and technological challenges that are lying ahead. As ASD, we trust on the EU
institutions and national governments to tackle these issues together with
industry in a spirit of mutual confidence and partnership.

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