Security has become a key concern and a top priority for citizens and decision-makers in Europe. The recent terrorist attacks, the refugee crisis at European borders, or obvious attempts to use the cyberspace to destabilise our societies demonstrate the urgent need for action to protect Europe and its citizens.

Today’s security threats are often inter-related and increasingly transnational in nature. This is particularly challenging for Europe, where the free movement of people constitutes a key principle of the European project. Cooperation between national security authorities is therefore crucial to cope with these threats, and the European Union has become the main framework for action and support for Member States.

The European security industry is an important actor in this context. Technology by itself cannot provide security. However, it is an indispensable enabler and, without technology, security is impossible. Industry has the know-how to develop, in partnership with decision-makers and practitioners, technological solutions that support security forces to cope with today’s security challenges.  It can thus make a major contribution to a more secure Europe.

As the voice of security industry in Europe, ASD aims to provide a clear and coherent narrative about the benefits, constraints and aspirations of the sector. Its objective is to inform relevant EU policies and to improve business preconditions at the EU-level.

To achieve this objective, the ASD Security Business Unit (SBU), bringing together senior representatives from leading European companies and associations, strives for the development of a genuine security industrial policy, contributes to the preparation of the EU security research programme and works towards overcoming the current fragmentation of security markets in Europe. The SBU is currently chaired by Mr. David Luengo from Indra and vice-chaired by Mr Giorgo Mosca from Leonardo.

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