Supply chain


Being truly European, the Aeronautics sector is spread out throughout Europe with over 3000 SMEs working in every single of its three main pillars, namely the air framers, engine and equipment manufacturers and systems manufacturers. The supply-chain is the indispensable back-bone of the industry.   

The Supply Chain Commission (SCC) gathers Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) representatives from the civil aviation, security and defence sectors. It streamlines the SMEs’ perspective in the work of the other ASD bodies. It actively contributes to analysing the effects of the changing business models of primes on the supply chain, and reporting back to the SMEs on how to best adapt to these changes. This facilitates the SMEs’ access to business opportunities within Europe and across borders. It also provides a discussion platform to exchange on best practices on how to access the European Union’s research funds, often too burdensome for SMEs.  

As the representatives of smaller actors of the sector, several members of the SCC are part of the European Commission’s Advisory group on cross-border access for SMEs to defence and security contracts.

In 2013, the European Council tasked the European Commission to identify different measures to open up the cross-border defence market access for SMEs. The Advisory Group aims at providing expert advice to the European Commission and ideas on the possible enhancement of the SMEs’ participation in the big defence and security public contracts supply chain. The final deliverable is a report that has been published on November 30, 2016 together with the European Defence Action Plan (EDAP).  


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