Did you know Fly-by-Wire is like a game controller for planes?

Discover how Fly-by-Wire, like a video game controller for planes, revolutionises aviation by enhancing safety and fuel efficiency. Learn about its journey from military aircraft to civilian passenger planes

Fly-by-wire is like a game controller for airplanes. When the pilot moves the controls, a computer gets the signal and tells the parts of the plane how to move. This system replaces the old way where the controls were directly connected to the parts of the plane. It’s like going from puppet strings to a wireless game controller! 

Fly-by-wire technology was first developed on military aircraft and Concorde. It has been used on all Airbus aircraft since the first A320, back in 1988.

Fly-by-wire is great for safety because it’s like having a super-smart co-pilot that’s always double-checking everything. If the pilot makes a mistake, the computer can step in and prevent it, making flying safer.

Fly-by-wire also enhances the fuel efficiency of planes, because the computer can make tiny adjustments that a human might miss, which can make the plane use less fuel and fly more smoothly.