Did you know you probably use 6 inventions from aerospace before you leave the house every day?

This morning you might have woken to the sound of your mobile phone alarm. Inside your mobile phone are complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors that were developed by space industry scientists for miniature cameras used in interplanetary missions in the 1990s.

You might also have lifted your head from your memory foam pillow, which was originally designed to protect astronauts from the effects of G-forces.

In the bathroom, you might use an infrared thermometer to check your temperature. This technology was originally developed to measure the temperature of stars and planets. And if you have invisible braces to help align your teeth, they are made out of a transparent ceramic material that was developed for missile tracking systems.

If you go to the kitchen and make yourself coffee and grab some cereal, you might be using freeze-dried coffee and fruit, which were made possible by food preservation processes that were improved to feed astronauts on long space missions.

The aerospace industry's influence extends beyond the skies, quietly enriching our daily lives in ways we may never have imagined!