Airbus H215 helicopter in action, symbolizing innovation and resilience in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Bridging distances in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

From Chile to Spain, witness the remarkable journey of life-saving vaccines reaching remote areas as Airbus helicopters soared above challenges, bridging gaps in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

In the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, helicopters build by ASD member Airbus played a pivotal role in the distribution of vaccines to remote and challenging locations in difficult to reach locationis. The remarkable speed and capabilities of helicopters proved indispensable in overcoming logistical hurdles and reaching isolated areas with life-saving vaccines.

In Chile, Brazil and Mexico, Airbus-built helicopters were able to reach remote and high-altitude locations swiftly, ensuring optimal conditions for vaccine transportation.

In Spain, the armed forces organised vaccine deliveries to islands, utilising various Airbus aircraft, including the Spanish Army H215M Cougar. Similarly, France's Securité Civile agency used Airbus helicopters to transport vaccines to islands off the coast, ensuring that even the most remote areas received the supplies they needed.

The transportation of vaccines with stringent temperature requirements, ranging from +2 to -70 degrees Celsius, posed a significant challenge. Airbus helicopters, proved to be effective as the last leg in the transportation chain, demonstrated their adaptability by transporting ultra-cold vaccines. Given the hazardous nature of dry ice, precautions aligned with aviation regulations were taken, ensuring the health and safety of all involved.

The story of how these flying machines bridged gaps and delivered lifesaving vaccines is testament to the spirit of unity and innovation in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Source: Airbus