Female pilot in a small aircraft highlighting initiatives to support women in aviation

Elevate (her) aviation: bridging the gender gap

Learn more about this UK initiative supporting women in aviation through education, inspiration, and connection.

Elevate Her Aviation is an initiative in the UK that aims to raise awareness about aviation as a potential career choice, particularly amongst women and girls and people from diverse backgrounds. The initiative offers a range of support to women in aviation, including:

  • Informing potential female pilots and women in aviation of scholarship and work opportunities available.
  • Educating by providing a list of flight training operations, career guidance, aptitude testing, and more.
  • Inspiring by sharing content created by women in aviation who inspire and encourage us to challenge ourselves.
  • Supporting female lead aviation and STEM business.
  • Connecting women in aviation through the annual Elevate (her) lunch.

The initiative was founded by Katherine Moloney, a female pilot and Department of Transport Aviation Ambassador in 2022 with the inaugural Women In Aviation Lunch held at Brighton City Airport. The event was created as an opportunity for women from all areas of the aviation industry to come together to share experiences, network, and talk all things aviation. Since then, the initiative has grown to include pages that help inform, educate, inspire, support, and connect women in aviation.

Elevate Her Aviation

Elevate (her) is an information platform dedicated to educating, informing and inspiring women in aviation.

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