Man on a bicycle using a smartphone for navigation, powered by the Galileo programme

Europe’s Galileo: a navigation revolution

Discover Galileo, Europe’s revolutionary satellite navigation system. With unprecedented accuracy, it is enhancing the devices and services we use everyday and shaping a safer future

Galileo, build by the European space industry, is currently the world’s most precise satnav system, offering metre-scale accuracy to more than two billion users around the globe. It’s a revolution in motion, transforming the way we live, work, and explore our world.

Galileo allows users to know their exact position with greater precision than other available systems. The products we use every day, from the navigation device in your car to your mobile phone, benefit from the increased accuracy that Galileo provides.

Critical emergency response services also benefit from Galileo. Its services make Europe’s roads and railways safer and more efficient. It boosts European innovation, contributing to the creation of many new products and services, creating jobs, and allowing Europe to own a greater share of the EUR 190 billion (in 2021) global navigation satellite system (GNSS) market.

Furthermore, Galileo provides Europe and European citizens with independence and sovereignty, an array of environmental benefits, and several new services specific to the Galileo programme (Open Service, Commercial Service, Search and Rescue).

Galileo is more than a navigation system. It’s a tool that’s shaping our future, making our world safer, more efficient, and more connected. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and the endless possibilities that space technology can bring to our society.