HENSOLDT's Xpeller ensures safety at crowded stadiums with advanced counter-drone technology

From airports to sports events: technology offering protection

Explore how cutting-edge technology secures vital infrastructure, from airports to stadiums to historic landmarks. Building a safer future together!

There is a diverse range of critical infrastructure that requires protection; here we explore some of the technology ASD member HENSOLDT has developed to help secure essential facilities, such as airports, oil and gas production sites, stadiums, and historic landmarks.

Airport protection

Airports, vital hubs for global connectivity, face a growing threat from unauthorised drones. HENSOLDT's counter-drone solution addresses this challenge, offering an effective defence against unauthorised drone activities. This technology can help safeguard the smooth functioning of airports, protecting against espionage, smuggling, and potential acts of terrorism.

Protecting oil and gas facilities

Oil and gas production facilities play a critical role in maintaining energy supply across Europe. HENSOLDT’s range of security solutions provides protection, helping prevent disruptions in production that could lead to energy crises.

Historic site protection

Historic sites, rich in cultural significance, are vulnerable to terrorist attacks and require special protection. HENSOLDT's has developed the technology for long-range surveillance capabilities. These solutions contribute significantly to the protection of historic sites, ensuring they remain unharmed by malicious activities.

By investing in cutting-edge technologies, we can collectively build a safer and more resilient future for our societies.

Safeguarding public events

Large public events, often attracting thousands of attendees, are potential targets for attack, including airborne attacks facilitated by drones. HENSOLDT's Xpeller, a state-of-the-art counter-drone solution can adapt to different threat scenarios, and is already being used in securing public events across Europe.


Learn about HENSOLDT's cutting-edge Counter Drone (UAV) System Xpeller, designed to identify and thwart small drones that jeopardise airports, critical infrastructures, and events. Xpeller integrates high-end sensors with state-of-the-art Command and Control and Jamming technology.

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