Eurofighter Typhoon soars confidently in the skies, symbolizing resilience and strength. Amidst global challenges, BAE has stepped up its servicing of RAF Typhoons, ensuring the safety and readiness of our defence forces in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Keeping the RAF’s Typhoons flying over Europe

Explore how ASD member BAE Systems met soaring demand to keep Britain's Typhoon fighter fleet serviced in a turbulent year

In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, ASD member BAE Systems stepped up to provide crucial  support servicing the British Royal Air Force's Typhoon fighter fleet.

As the Typhoon fleet faced its busiest operational year in response to the crisis, BAE Systems' teams found themselves with an extraordinary mission – increasing the service capacity they could supply by at least 50%.

Operating under the Typhoon Total Availability Enterprise (TyTAN), BAE Systems played a pivotal role in ensuring the availability of the RAF's Typhoon fleet. This not only met the increased demand but also delivered hundreds of millions of pounds in savings, which were reinvested to enhance the capabilities of these formidable aircraft.

The BAE team took decisive action to ensure the RAF could meet its ambitious targets. Steps included accelerating clearances and advancing a radar software program by two years. Within weeks, they added an impressive 12,000 flying hours into the RAF's bank, a testament to their commitment to operational responsiveness.

BAE emphasised the collective effort to "fuel the fight" for the RAF, enabling the air force to deliver on its critical mission. The result: a total of 21,112 hours accumulated across the entire fleet in the calendar year.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, BAE Systems stood as a beacon of success, ensuring the RAF can continue to fulfil its vital mission to help secure the skies over Europe.

Source: BAE Systems