Reducing energy use at Portsmouth naval base

Discover how ASD member BAE Systems transformed energy use at Portsmouth Naval Base, reducing carbon emissions by 65%.

Over the past 15 years, ASD member BAE Systems has played a pivotal role in transforming the energy landscape at Portsmouth Naval Base, showcasing an inspiring commitment to environmental responsibility.

BAE Systems has achieved a remarkable feat, cutting carbon emissions at Portsmouth Naval Base from around 100,000 tonnes per year to approximately 35,000 tonnes per year. 

To date, we’ve reduced carbon emissions in Portsmouth Naval Base from over 100,000 tonnes/year to c.35,000 tonnes/year.

This achievement is a testament to the company's dedication to fostering a net-zero future. BAE and the Royal Navy are working towards a shared goal to make Portsmouth Naval Base completely carbon neutral by 2040.

The journey toward sustainability involves innovative thinking and the integration of cutting-edge technology. BAE Systems implemented a range of solutions, from 500KW of Photo-voltaic roofing to 3MWh battery storage, and 13.5MW combined heat and power generation. These initiatives not only significantly reduced energy consumption but have also set a precedent for best practices within the company and beyond.

One notable project involves the replacement of traditional fluorescent lighting with 27,000 LED alternatives on the Queen Elizabeth Carrier. This not only saved energy but also reduced the need for air conditioning by an impressive 10-15%, showcasing how seemingly simple changes can have a profound impact.

Moreover, BAE Systems is pushing the boundaries of technology with the Ship Energy Assessment Software (SEAS), developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton. SEAS is a groundbreaking application that monitors ships' environment and performance, optimising engine efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Trials on a Royal Navy Type 45 vessel demonstrated an astonishing 28% fuel saving, underlining the potential impact of such innovations.

BAE Systems is demonstrating that a greener tomorrow is not only possible but within reach. Through their commitment and groundbreaking initiatives, they are reshaping the landscape of energy consumption in the defence sector.

Source: BAE Systems