Supporting Ukraine's fight for freedom and democracy

Discover how ASD member Rheinmetall is a key ally in Ukraine's fight for freedom, democracy, and long-term strategic autonomy

In a world where geopolitical tensions can threaten the very essence of democracy, the European defence industry plays a crucial role in safeguarding nations and promoting freedom. One example of this commitment is the partnership between ASD member Rheinmetall, and Ukraine. This collaboration goes beyond conventional military support, aiming to empower Ukraine and enhance its strategic autonomy for the long term.

Rheinmetall's contribution to Ukraine's defence includes the supply of essential military equipment, such as medium- and large-calibre ammunition. From ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles to tank rounds, Rheinmetall's considerable production capacity ensures a steady flow of vital resources. Rheinmetall builds combat vehicles like the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, Leopard tanks, and more. These deliveries not only address immediate needs but also lay the foundation for Ukraine to rebuild its own defence industry.

Air defence

The success of Rheinmetall's 35mm Gepard antiaircraft tank in Ukraine highlights the effectiveness of cannon-based air defence. The state-of-the-art Skynex Air Defence System, designed for close-range operations, showcases Rheinmetall's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. With programmable airburst ammunition, the system offers cost-effective defence against cruise missiles and drones.

Logistical support and maintenance

Ensuring the operational readiness of military equipment is crucial, and to support this, Rheinmetall has established a maintenance and logistics centre in Romania. This centre not only supports Rheinmetall-made systems in action but is also open to NATO armed forces in the region. The provision of nearly 100 Rheinmetall-made trucks, known for their durability and mobility, underscores the company's commitment to logistical support in Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid

Rheinmetall goes beyond conventional military support, extending its assistance to humanitarian efforts. The provision of a turnkey field hospital, compliant with NATO standards, demonstrates the company's dedication to the well-being of Ukrainian troops. And Rheinmetall has supported the training of Ukrainian troops in the operation of the field hospital to help build crucial capabilities within the Ukrainian military.

Reconnaissance systems

In the realm of intelligence and surveillance, Rheinmetall contributes to Ukraine's capabilities with mobile reconnaissance systems like SurveilSPIRE. Equipped with day-and-night-capable cameras and autopiloted mini-drones, these systems stengthen Ukraine's surveillance capabilities. The recent order of LUNA NG reconnaissance drones further solidifies Rheinmetall's role as a key provider of advanced reconnaissance capabilities to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Rheinmetall's multifaceted support for Ukraine goes beyond traditional military aid, encompassing ammunition, combat vehicles, air defence systems, logistical support, humanitarian aid, and reconnaissance capabilities. This comprehensive approach not only addresses immediate security concerns but also empowers Ukraine to rebuild its defence sector, ensuring long-term strategic autonomy. ASD member Rheinmetall has emerged as a reliable partner for the Ukrainian armed forces, helping to protect freedom and democracy in the face of adversity.

Source: Rheinmetall